VOV Trendy Water Proof Sindoor- Review

Hello Ladies,
Sindoor is one essential commodity in an Indian married lady’s kitty. I personally love powdered ones for the sheer effect they give on the hair parting but I also keep a liquid one at all times with me. Recently I found this pretty little thing in a small departmental store near my house and grabbed it. Read on to know more about this.

Price: Rs. 60 for 4ml

This sindoor is of a bright maroon color. I am not sure whether they have any other shades as that departmental store has only this one. The color will suit most Indian skin tones plus it is not runny at all. The product has a doe tip applicator makes application very easy.

Coming to it being waterproof. Yes, it is ladies! We (read me!) have a habit of wiping the forehead multiple times with the back of our hands. In that case, the sindoor easily spreads all over and if a mirror and proper tools are not handy, it can become a real mess. Also in summers, the scalp may become greasy and due to sweat, the red color is all over the forehead. This sindoor is a savior. So no red lines on the forehead in Indian summers. It gives a neat look also if you are getting ready for a traditional function or party. This sindoor doubles up as a liquid bindi.

I am in love with the color and the effectiveness of the product. At such a price, I definitely got a steal. I am thinking of stocking it up as many of my relatives have already asked me to get it for them. It’s totally affordable and a wow product. I am happy I found this.

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