The Nature’s Co Water Lily Body Mist – Sample Review

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Sorry for the MIA act! How have all of you been? Today I am going to review The Nature’s Co Water Lily Body Mist.

I got this sample sized spray bottle (5ml) in one the TNC monthly boxes. Almost forgot about it until recently when I found it tucked in the corner. Since then, I have been using it and it’s good.
Active Ingredients: Blend of essential oils, aloevera extract, vitamin E, vegetable glycerine.
A little search on reveled the following for the full sized bottle of this product. Here, have a look.
About Water Lily Body Mist:
Aquatic floral fragrance, hydrating, balancing, soothing and moisturising.
Water Lily Body Mist has an aquatic floral fragrance with notes of fresh flowers, ocean and the sea breeze. It’s hydrating and balancing properties leave you feeling refreshed. Mist on this soothing blend with moisturizing Aloe Vera right after a shower or bath. Don’t apply on cuts or inflamed skin. Keep away from flame or high heat.

Price and Quantity: Rs. 495/- for 100ml

My Experience with TNC Water Lily Body Mist:
This is the first body mist I have used. I had always wanted to but did not know which one to try out. Then when I saw this sample bottle, I did not hesitate. I loved the fragrance of this one. Perfectly soothing for the summers.
Body mists are usually less concentrated with less of oil (that means they are not as strong scented as a perfume) and they evaporate quickly and are not as long lasting.
The Water Lily Body Mist is of a cool blue color which is very soothing to the eyes also. True to the claims of the product, it feels very refreshing. One is suggested to apply body mist right after shower/bath as at that time pores of the skin are open and the mist tend to last for a longer time. Also focus the spray on pulse points- throat, inside elbows, wrists, behind your knees etc.
I have compared the price of this body mist from TNC with other brands such as TBS and Victoria’s Secrets and found it to be reasonably priced too.
Pros of the TNC Water Lily Body Mist:
  • Cool, refreshing for summers
  • Floral smell
  • Natural ingredients
  • Not pricey
Cons of the TNC Water Lily Body Mist:
  • Complete ingredients list is missing
Will I Recommend TNC Water Lily Body Mist: Yes, will surely do. All in all a good product but do not expect anything that you expect from a perfume or a deodorant. Looking forward to buy the full sized bottle soon.
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