The Nature’s Co. May Beauty Wish Box

Get back in the saddle! The Nature’s Co. ready to rescue you from the post holiday blues!
With vacations coming to an end, detox with The Nature’s Co. May “Post Holiday Blues” Beauty Wish Box.

The trouble with holidays is that they come to an end. One minute you’re lying on the beach, soaking your skin in the sun and storing up for year long Vitamin D, thinking about which cocktail sounds most refreshing; the next you’re back home already in the grind facing tiredness, post holiday weight gain issues, darker skin, 643 urgent emails and nothing to look forward to.

That feeling of despair as you realise all those problems you promised yourself you’d deal with ‘after the holiday’ are there waiting for you — along with a large credit-card bill. The post-holiday blues are apparently a very real problem adversely affecting you face, skin, hair & feet, leaving you craving for the much needed self detox to get back to routine. But don’t despair! The Nature’s Co. beauty experts has picked up six essential products (keeping in mind your resolution of not spending any more) to get you back into the swing of things this summer.

Get through this wall of post-holiday misery by subscribing for The Nature’s Co. May Special, Post Holiday Blues Beautywish Box starting at Rs. 595/- only, now available with a cash on delivery option too!  

To take care of your  “holiday weight” we also have a surprise from Dr. Anjali Mukherjee’s Health Total and a 35% off Discount Vouchers on full sized products as well as a complimentary spa coupon at TNC stores in this kit!

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