The Future Of Shopping in 2030- Imagined.. err.. Futuristic.. but Implementable!

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That’s quite lengthy for a blog post heading for me, but I could not think of shortening it! Indiblogger has come out with another contest in collaboration with Ebay, about the future of shopping in 2030. And, yayyyy.. it’s my 100th post!

The current scenario of shopping for me is dominated by ONLINE SHOPPING. And the future of shopping will only be ONLINE SHOPPING or shopping at malls/ departmental store with the use of technological advancements.
I must admit here, that I am an avid online shopper. Yes! I buy cosmetics, books, clothes, footwear, house hold items, storage items, stationery, mobile, bags, insurance policies, mutual funds, travel tickets, movie tickets, recharge, discount vouchers, medicines and what not online from the comfort of my office (because that is where I spend 12 hours of a day). I shop planned, on demand, on instinct. My relatives in Tier II cities, who do not have access to brands that they want to try have started giving me orders to buy on their behalf.
What gets me attracted towards online shopping:
  1. It saves a lot of time of planning and getting ready to go out of my house for shopping particularly
  2. I get so many options (in terms of variety and price) while browsing through multiple websites
  3. A whole range of discounts and free samples come as an added advantage
  4. Brands that are otherwise inaccessible at the nearby mall and at times not even in the country, can be shopped at ease
  5. Flexibility of returning/ exchanging the product if it does not suit me
  6. Can place an order on someone else’s behalf or can gift items to loved ones
  7. So many payment options to choose from so that I can always plan as per my need
  8. No hassles of struggling and standing in queue of a changing room at a mall
The present system seems to be very effective if not perfect in every sense. For instance, while buying a cosmetic, many a times I fail to judge what color of foundation will match my skin tone or which lipstick will suit me. Or I may end up buying a dress of the wrong fit. As a result, I end up returning/ exchanging the products. Its just a slight hassle but how wonderful it would be, if such errors can be removed altogether.
I imagine a system, where based on the information given by me, be it my statistics or my photograph or my likes and dislikes or my requirements, product recommendations shall come up. It shall bring down the errors while choosing for the product dramatically.
I imagine a mall/ departmental store that has no hassle of a changing room (well not entirely!). Instead of the glass in the changing room, there will a screen and just by posing with the dress in front of it, we will be able to see the fit on the screen, thereby deciding on our choice without having to actually try it out. Or better still, stores can install a system inbuilt with their complete catalog  where you just have to browse, try the outfits virtually by selecting the desired one, note the product code and go and pick it up from the shelf! How much time will it save and shall also result in less waiting time during peak season *wink*.
Another option that will be equally in demand in the future will be home delivery. This system will be useful for busy housewives, students, elderly people and rest who have problems going out due to lack of time or other factors. Just order on the phone and the product shall be delivered.
I propose the marketers to be more customer friendly and go a step ahead in ensuring satisfaction.

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