That feeling

I may have not felt like this before. Being so isolated in the crowd. Sitting amongst a large crowd in a jam packed place, yet so alone. All I can think is WHY?

Why so soon, why not a few decades later? We could have done such amazing things together, you could have tought me so much, I could have imposed upon you loads.

Life could have at least taken a meaningful shape. We could have cried together, laughed even more. You could have shared my burden or teased me enough to hit you.

I can barely hold my tears back now thinking about you every moment. My eyes swell when no one’s watching. I scream when no one’s listening. You will always remain in me. I know I can’t let it go and I don’t want to. I love when you give me subtle hints but I would have loved more if you had stayed. I needed you.


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