Tangle Teezer: Salon Elite- Review

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Today I am going to review the Salon Elite from the Tangle Teezer. I am sure most of you must have heard of it. This is a specialized brush/ comb that makes de-tangling your stresses a child’s play, literally!


Whenever my hair is a mess due to travel, heat, sweat or whatever reason, I had always dread combing it, lest I pluck away most of my hair strands. The only best solution in such cases I could think of was washing my hair followed by a good conditioner. But this is not the solution every time, right? Imagine if you are in a middle of something, partying, hiking or travelling anywhere or if it’s too cold to take bath (lol, I know weird reason). You definitely need a solution for easy combing.


And the answer to all these troubles is the Salon Elite. It combs without tugging and after results are de-tangles hair without breakage. Imagine❣

It comes in many variants-

The Original

Compact Styler

Salon Elite

Aqua Splash

Tangle Teezer is one of the highest selling hair brush brands in the world right now. Yes, it is pricey and offline availability in India is an issue but it is easily available online. Though some salons may stock it. It is just a matter of time, it hits Indian physical supermarkets.


That said, you definitely have to try it to believe it. My 10 months old LO loves it too for the soothing massage it gives him while combing. He sits straight (amazing feet for an infant this age) and enjoys his hair combing session. I am thinking of buying him his personal one, specially meant for kids.

I believe consistent use of this brush has made my hair less rough, saving them the damage caused by other plastic comb. It works like magic from root to tip and can be used on wet hair too without fear of breakage. It’s special ergonomic shape helps you hold it right without causing pain in the hand.


I have been a fan of this brush for about two years now and if you are looking for the PERFECT hair de-tangling solution, then go no further, Tangle Teezer- Salon elite, is your best answer.

Do you have the Tangle Teezer? Are you interested in buying this? Do tell me how you feel about it?

Till then, Share the love! ♥ ☮

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