Strike against Striking out the Right to Strike

Hope I am not too confusing… To simplify things a bit, lemme explain you what really happened.
Our dear autowalas are aggrieved by some fact and they went on strike recently to protest against it. Now the fact is that Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is coming out with a rule that will punish autowalas if they go on strike to manwao their official / inofficial demands. Ab hamare autowalas isse ruth gaye and they went on a strike to protest against this striking of the right to strike!!… 🙂 Simple….
Even as the government has enforced the Maharashtra Essential Services Maintenance Act 2011
to curb those involved in providing public services from going on strikes, one of the prominent auto unions in the city continues to oppose it calling the new Act ‘illegal’. They term it as violation of human rights and has also gone ahead and filed a writ petition against it. The union has also been demanding a separate formula for autos for deciding their fares, which is linked to the cost of living index apart from fuel cost, cost of car and cost of running the business.
Now recently I had some gyanvardhan. Firstly, the rate cards our autowalas use, is already over priced as it shows rates per mile and not per kilometer. Secondly, in absence of digital meters, they can man-handle (tamper, you see) their meter very well and fool the janta. As it is we are paying more. So while revising the rate cards, I would request them to consider this too.
While the BMC and auto unions will continue playing rat and cat, the common man will suffer as we become practically paralyzed the day autowalas go on strike. I don’t know how many of the rickshaw walas support these strikes or go by the view point of their leaders, but I can understand that they have no other choice but to abide. Hope this turmoil finds a good end in benefit of all.
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