Scarfing It Up!!

With winters already setting in, in even the hottest parts of the country, it’s time to pep up our wardrobes. When it comes to winter wear, all we find is dull, grey-black and boring outfits. In such a situation, scarves (also known as muffler, warm strangler or neck-wrap) come to our rescue. They can add definition, color and texture to any outfit, at the same time keeping you warm to fight the weather. In fact scarves are the best defense against all types of weather changes. All you need is the right type of material to go with the season. For winters, you can experiment with the wide variety of scarves available. Go for silk, cashmere, pashmina and woolen fabric to keep you chic as well as warm.
Scarves are the trend of the season, be it Anushka Sharma in her latest flick or Kareena Kapoor. Scarves are in vogue even in Hollywood and everyone knows how much Jessica Alba loves her scarves.
And if you think that scarves are only girl thing, then you are mistaken. Just check out how Salman, Shahrukh, Amitabh, Hrithik and others lovingly sport the scarf with élan.
Though there are numerous types and styles of scarves in the market, the following quick tips may help you decide:
  • For casual wear, experiment with colors. Bright colors often give the right match.
  • For formal wear, stick to whites and greys. Black may make the outfit very businesslike, use with light colored outfits.
  • Experiment with the style of wearing it.
  • Short or medium length scarf go well with western outfits.
  • Long length scarves can be doubled up as a dupatta with Indian dresses.
  • Few basic colors like red, white, grey, yellow, blue can be paired using mix and match.
Hope you find it useful. Enjoy the winters!
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