Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Raspberry Pie

Hello all,
I know I am pretty late to review these lip butters, but as I am not a great make up enthusiast, I took my time making up my mind and settling down on the choice of color. And at the end I am glad that I did. Today i am going to review Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie.

After reading loads of reviews on the internet I found out that this lip butter comes basically in different variants- shimmer free, has shimmers, frosty look, pigmented etc. It was an obvious choice that I wanted to pick up the pigmented one with no shimmers. The color, Raspberry Pie that I bought is nicely pigmented and I fell in love instantly.
Price: Rs. 600/- for 2.55gm
Shelf Life: 3 years
What the company claims:
The bullet comes in a very chick packaging. The cover is of the same color as the lipstick so there is no confusion if you own more than one of these beauties. I experienced slight problem in opening these bullets as the place where the cap end provide a very little hand space to hold and pull it for the purpose of opening. Plus I feel the plastic cover could have been made a bit more sturdy. However, the metal cylinder inside is an absolute love and looks quite classy.

These lip butters are very soft, literally.. very very soft. I fear that I cannot keep them in my handbag the whole day if I have to roam in the sun. I partly damaged this bullet as I unwound the whole of the bullet to see its length and then applied it one my lips without placing it back in its position. As a result the lippy dropped on my hand. I placed it back in a hurry in the same position and thankfully, its working fine now. But I am very careful now.

Coming to the application part, its super easy to apply and glides like a dream on your lips, albeit your lips are smooth too. Here are some quick tips:
1. Nourish your lips regularly. Apply petroleum jelly/ boroline/ desi ghee or whatever suits you daily before hitting the bed to experience your lips baby soft in the morning.
2. Do not lick or bite your lips. Its unhealthy plus it can cause the lips to swell. Also it dries your lip skin which very sensitive.
3. Exfoliate your lips. You can mix some sugar granules with honey/ rose water/ normal water and rub the mixture on your lips with your fingers. Also you can use a soft brush to gently exfoliate your lips once or twice a month.

4. Keep your lips hydrated by drinking adequate water.
Practice these and your lips will be soft always! 

Right: Single swipe; Left: Double swipe

Coming back to the lip butter, I just adore the color Raspberry Pie.


  • Does not settle in fine lines
  • Glides like a dream
  • Staying power is good and it easily lasts a meal
  • After 4-5 hours of application, it leaves a color stain that is fine with me

  • Ingredient list not there
It may seem pricey to some but believe me it is worth the spend. You can at least have a couple of them in your vanity, if you are a lipstick+gloss person. Plus its not always bad to splurge at times! Those who like matt finish may not like it so much. All in all I am in love with this one. I regret buying this late but am happy that I made the right choice.
My Final Say: Go for it girls! I am eyeing more colors. Lets see which one I buy next.

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