My Second Liebster

Hello people,

I have received another Liebster Award, this time from a co-blogger, Nivedita from Do check out her blog. I am sure you will definitely like it. I received this award from long back but had been procrastinating because of the long list of to do’s attached with it. I wanted to seriously answer each and everything and believe me it has been very exciting.

So as per the rules, I need to:

·             Post 11 things about myself
·             Answer the tagger’s questions
·             Tag and pass the awards to 11 other bloggers
·             Create 11 questions for the bloggers to answer
·             Go to the bloggers page and inform them about the awards

11 things about me

  1.  I am a proud Leo– Helpful, disciplined and progressive
  2.  I am a stats graduate with masters in business administration
  3. Blogging is my pastime since 2009 but I have become serious about it only in 2012 (phew long time)
  4. I blog about everything under the sun that catches my attention and I love spending time on my blog
  5.  I am working married woman; married in a very traditional (rather orthodox) family
  6.  I love chocolates, cakes, curd, pav bhaji and chole bhature
  7.  My favorite hangout with hubby darling in any one of the seven lakes in the city I live in
  8. Me and my hubby just love escaping to Lonavala whenever we get a chance
  9.  I love my mom to the core. For me, she has no replacement in this world
  10.  I am very emotionally attached with my near and dear ones
  11.  I love to read a lot, browse the internet, play games and sleep!

 Now I have to answer the tagger’s question! So here it goes.

> What is that one moment of your life that you’ll cherish always?

I will always cherish the trip made to Aurangabad with my mom, dad, brother and sister in 2011. That was our best family trip together for reasons very close to my heart.
> Your favourite colour is……
I am typical girlie. And I will not bore with a plethora of colors when I am asked to choose my favorite. Favorite means only one and thats PINK!..

> A woman from your family or acquaintance, apart from your mother, whom you adore and admire.
Sorry.. no one else other than my mother, I adore or admire.

> What is that one thing you look for, when you make friends for the first time?
I don’t believe in forming judgments about people I meet. Friendship automatically happens with people.. It just clicks..
>What is your dream travel destination?

>Which female celebrity do you think is a real Indian woman, whom we all can relate to?
This Concept of a Real Indian Women is quite disturbing for me (on a personal note). I don’t find this common notion very attractive or say liberating for that matter. Its feels so much prejudiced. 
And if you ask me about an Indian celebrity, whom I would idolize, it has got to be Sushmita Sen. I mean, look at that women, so plain, simple, elegant, independent, vibrant, educated, groomed….

>Suppose, you can buy only 1 item from these items— a fabulous LBD, a Revlon lipstick of your favourite shade and a designer leather bag. Which one would you choose?
I recently bought a LBD.. So I guess I would choose a Revlon lipstick to go with it 🙂

>Which place would you like to re-visit, given a choice?
Lonavala… anytime and everytime!

>Name three things you rely upon to give yourself an instant makeover on the days you don’t look your best.
Kohl, Lipstick, Foundation+compact

>Which female celebrity according to you needs a styling change and why?
Mallika Sherawat…. Do I need to tell the reasons? Hell.. the world knows it.

>A trend or a fad of yesteryears you are still in love with and may try out.
Hmm.. I am a fan of the winged eye makeup of the 70s… Never tried it, as I don’t know how it will turn out on me… But would love to.
Next step is to pass on this award to eleven blogger friends
I pass on this award to:
1. Rasa Nandini
2. Richa
3. Emm
4. Shruti Wahi
5. Khaddu
6. Samannita
7. Puja
8. Smita
9. Kumkum
10. Rashmi
11. Demi

Now its time to create 11 questions for the award receivers. I plan to put some fun, fast questions to you all. Most of the questions are choice types, where you have to answer with your preference between the options given. Hope you enjoy answering them.

1. Favorite Blog
2. Kohl or eye liner
3. Morning person or a Nocturnal
4. Ice cream with soda or Ice cream with cake
5. Beach or Hill station
6. Preferred outfit for Winters
7. Favorite neon color you flaunt on your nails
8. Rs. 20000 —- Shopping for clothes or jewellery
9. Sms or call
10. Active or lazy (Common, admit it!)
11. Best quality about you.

And, last but not the least, I have to intimate all the winners… Done that!!.. Congratulations to you all…. And thank you Nivedita for the award. Had fun posting about this!!..

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