Marathon- Is it my cup of tea?

Hi Girls,

I am running the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) 2014 and this is my first. That’s a dream marathon for all runners in India and athletes from all over the world to participate.

Well, that’s not exactly the reason why I had decided to take part. A big reason being peer pressure. Actually, to admit I just felt the need that since all my friends are participating, I should also go and it will be fun. We shall click photos and hang out! Plus my biggest motivation was the John Abraham, who is the face of the event.

But little did I know that building up the stamina is a big thing and that too when I had abandoned running several years back. I started running 2 or 3 kms daily but easily got tired. A series of stretching exercises followed and then the routine came to a halt altogether. I was back to square one. Now that the date is close and with all the personal and professional engagement and schedule, I am not able to start with atleast warming up. Phew! Nonetheless, I just wish that I am able to finish the marathon and gather a decent timing. And yes, click loads of photographs and enjoy to the core.

Wish me all the best girls! 🙂


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