“Love Lasts Forever- Only If You Don’t Marry Your Love” by Vikrant Khanna: Book Review

Title- Love Lasts Forever: Only if You don’t Marry Your Love
Author- Vikrant Khanna
Publisher-Shrishti Publishers & Distributors
Genre- Romance Fiction
Story in a Nutshell: Ronit was eighteen years old when he found himself falling head over heels in love with Aisha. He met her on his graduation day, after completing his studies which could eventually get him work in the Navy.
Ronit is convinced beyond doubt that Aisha is his soul mate and that their love would last for eternity and a day. They get married after seven years but only after a week, Ronit realizes it might have been a mistake to have tied the knot. His Captain’s poignant love story might just change his perceptions on love and life but it is at that cusp that their ship gets hijacked by the notorious pirates of Somalia. What happens next? Will Ronit’s marriage end or does it get better because of all the events that happen which will change his life?
My Thoughts on the book: This is a romantic fiction with a dash of comedy and drama in it. The story begins on a ship voyage which turns out to be a life changing and knowledge gaining one for the hero of the novel. The books basically revolves around two love stories – one of the hero, Ronit and another of his Captain’s, Shekhar. There are a series of flashbacks into both the love stories. Other characters such as Ronit’s punjabi buddy, Aisha’s brother, Ronit’s sister in law add to the flavor of the story. Another interesting plot that runs simultaneously is that of the Somalian pirates and it adds a dash of action to the story.
All the characters have been described nicely by the author. The story too is sure to ring a bell with many people as they will easily be able to connect with the plot. Love at first sight, college life, buddy pranks, convincing parents for a love marriage, tensions with in laws resulting in disagreement with the husband; all this is real enough to catch anyone’s attention. However, the love story of the Caption is very filmy
The flow of the story keeps you hooked to the book and doesn’t bore you. The language used is also simple and crisp. The author sure does not know the art of keeping his readers engaged. The fun elements here and there and the family drama part are nicely written and explained without going over the board or judgmental about being right or wrong.
The author says that marriage is all about compromise and adjustments. Agree and disagree both. I think it’s more of compatibility and space. The only thing that I felt could have helped the book being more realistic is that if at the end both Ronit and Aisha would have found a mid way for their relationship to continue, rather than only Ronit only having to do it all.
Anyways, the book is enjoyed best when the author conveys to the reader what he actually wants to through his story and Mr. Khanna has successfully done that. So full points to him.
My Final Take: The book is addictive with its story flowing in the mind of the reader like a movie. Once you get hold of the book, it is difficult to keep down. Simple language also adds to the charm. I would give a 3.5/5 rating to this book.
P.S. : The title was sent to me by Blogadda team and my review is honest as always.

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  • anubhuti November 26, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    I love such novels when i'm traveling 🙂 They are such a great timepass 🙂 Nice and detailed review.


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