Lotus Herbal Color Dew Nail Enamel- Maroon Sparkle: Review and NOTD

Hello fellas!!

Today I am going to review a beautiful shade Maroon Sparkle from Lotus Herbal Dew Nail Enamel range.

This is my comeback post, after a loooonggg loooooongg time 🙂 A lot has been happening in my life and I got just a tiny miny busy shuffling through it and handling it all. Phew!! But I have missed this space and have decided to be back to my love of writing. I can’t imagine I ignored it for so long.

Anyways, I am back doing my favorite thing, that is, wearing a beautiful color nail paint from Lotus Herbal and flaunting it in front you all. So as it happened, I had to recently attend a wedding. Now it being a Hindu wedding (a night time affair) and a winter wedding, I planned on for a lehnga sari from my trousseau which had very classy colors like lavender, onion pink, blue and silver gota and sequence work on it.

Now to go with my attire, I decided that I will wear a nice wine shade nail paint so I went hunting for it but I couldn’t find one. Instead I got this deep shade of maroon with a hint of wine red. When I tried it, it looked very pretty and I am sure sure will look good on most Indian skin tones. The nail paint has a ting of gold in it giving it the perfect hue for a party or wedding dress up. To quickly sum up this nail paint from Lotus Herbals:

  • Long lasting; it hasn’t chipped yet after one week of application. Please note that I applied a double coat and do very minimal household work
  • Smooth applicator; the brush is very nice and doesn’t leave brush strokes/ marks
  • The nail paint dries out pretty quickly
  • It has a tinge of gold in it, making it very apt for wedding and party dress up
  • Will suit most Indian skin tones and will go with almost any dress color
  • Lotus Herbals nail paint are toluene and DBP free and hence do not harm your nails.
  • I recently came to know that Lotus Herbal is a vegan and cruelty free brand, so I am fan and will surely prefer their products over any other brand.
  • I tried removing the nail paint with my colorbar nail polish remover and it came out just easily. I was worried that it may be tough removing as other glitter nail paints are.

So, do tell me if you have tried this color? Do you like it?

I am open for suggestions for good wine colored nail paint, the deep wine ones!!

And here’s what I wore for the wedding and my eye makeup sneak peak.

Till then, Share the love! ♥

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