Le Vernis Chanel V Nail Color- Warning Post

Hello folks,
Today’s post is a little different one. I want to share with you two very visible fakes of a popular brand Chanel. You will ask that if I knew these were fake, why I did buy them! Well, there is a story behind that. The story goes like this. While on a small shopping spree, I happened to cross this vendor at a local railway station here in Mumbai. He was shouting on top of his voice- chanel nail palis (his diction). I got intrigued and decided to look and I found these.

Unlike other fakes that I have seen these nail polishes were nowhere close to the original ones in psckaging so one could easily detect. The man was selling them at Rs. 30 a bottle (imagine buying a Chanel at this price). Don’t know what got into me, I bought two of these and came home and tried.

The colors look really pretty in the bottle.  The texture too is good. Neither too runny nor thick. I thought heck! What else can one expect at such price. I decided to do this simple mani. Note that the finish of the nail paint amazed me and I found no need for a top coat. The nail paint did not chip for a good 3 days. All well till now.

The most dreadful part came next. When I tried removing the nail paint with the help of my colorbar nail polish remover, it stained my nail so bad, I freaked out. I thought it needed a stronger one as the colorbar one is acetone free, so I tried the enliven one. But no… the sad story continued. It pained to see my nails in that condition.

Lessons learnt: 1. Never ever try cheap nail paints
2. If you know they are fakes/copy, don’t even dare to buy them
3. Always go for good quality ones, they need not be the most expensive ones. Maybelline and Elle 18 are good and affordable.

Well this post is not for publicity of cheap products. It is just a share to make you all aware of the cons of fake products, specially of those which we use on our skin directly. I have seen fakes of MAC, Maybelline and Lakme so many times but have been cautious to buy them. Only this I got lured by the price tag and thought that there is no harm in trying an innocent looking nail paint with such pretty colors. But I was wrong!
So take care pretty ladies and be safe 🙂 🙂
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