How I Wonder What I Am?

You can never know how high you can fly,
Until you give it a try

You give your best in each try..

Maybe the sky will have to shift
A little high 🙂

I read these inspirational lines on a cute decorative piece at one of my relative’s place. And its true to the core. How often it has happened with us that we undermine our own ability, our stamina. Why do we need others to tell us what we can do and what is not suitable for us. It is the fear of failure that binds our hands and feet and does not let us foray into the wild world. 
Just imagine the numerous opportunities that have knocked on our doors and we have left them unanswered from the fear of being dejected, neglected, hearing a no or failure.
Let go all the inhibitions and move in the world of challenges. Take them up one by one and you will find that nothing is unachievable. A little change in our attitude will make a whole lot of difference to our personalities and the world will know us by our true spirit. Then the person who will stare back in the mirror will be actually us and not some made up image, distorted by the expectations of society, friends and family. This will be the day when we will actually meet OUR-SELF.


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