Happy New Year

Hi all,

It is a new year, new beginning, as they say! Forget the past and start out afresh. Take a resolution and make sincere efforts to follow it!

Though I agree with all what is said and preached but I do have my own modified version of what to expect from a new year and how to take it forward. First off, do not forget all that has passed. New year is the best time to retrospect and see what wrong you have done and correct it, so that you do not repeat it in future. Additionally, take the good things forward with you so that you can spread the joy even further.

Coming to the resolution part. We all know how good (sarcasm!) are we at keeping resolutions that we make on the new year. I remember pupils writing their resolutions down on a big white board, when I was in school. It was a matter of pride to discuss each other’s resolutions for a week or so into the new year and also make fun of them. Such resolutions were hardly kept for a month (great feat!). This is the very reason, I think that if we resolve to do something, we should not wait for the year to end or to begin particularly.

On this note, I wish from the bottom of my heart, that may this new year bring in loads and loads of happiness for all and may we humans make this world a better and peaceful place to live in for ourselves (genders and caste alike)!


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