H2O Softening Mint Foot Rub- Review & Price

Hello Ladies,
How have all been? Today I am going to review a foot cream, a very vital part of anyone’s skin care regimen in these stressed times. Who would not like to pamper their feet! Well I do and I love it. I cannot bear the sight of dry rough skin on my feet and only imagining cracked feet gives me jitters.

I keep on trying new foot creams and this time I laid my hands, err foot, on the H2O targeted care softening mint foot rub. Now, the name had me confused for a good 5 minutes and then I decided to do away with the confusion by simply trying it. As suspected, it is not a foot scrub. It’s a cream that claims to sooth and soften tired feet.

Price & Quantity: INR 1050/- for 120gm
My Experience with H2O Softening Mint Foot Rub: My criteria for testing any foot cream is that it should keep my feet moisturized for at least 8 hours, i.e., through the entire time in night I sleep or during the day time I spend in office. While most clear the first test, the latter one can be tough. As expected, this cream worked just fine when applied at night time and gave me soft feet in the morning. But when applied after bath during day time, it did not last for even 4 hours. Now expecting this much out of a cream that cost me a fortune should not be much. I believe most of you will agree!

After 4-5 hours of application, the skin on the feet starts showing dry lines and feels stretchy, which made me not so happy!

The cream has a subtle minty aroma and the color itself is a light sea blue/ green types. It gets absorbed after a light massage of a minute or so and I guess that is why they have launched it under their SPA range.The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.


The Likes

1. Light minty aroma
2. Absorbs quickly
3. Travel friendly packaging
4. Tube packaging
5. Keeps the foot moisturized for 3-4 hours
The Dislikes
1. Lasts for a short span (or am I expecting too much!)
2. Pricey
3. Loads of chemicals (that I obviously don’t understand)
4. Does not heal cracks or even dry/rough skin
My Final Take: This one does an okayish job. Would surely not re-purchase. There are better foot care products than this one.
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