Give Me Some Sunshine, Give Me Some Rain

Its rainy season, pitter patter rain drops everywhere. I love when it rains. I am the one who enjoys getting drenched and not wet in the rain. But I think life has changed. I avoid getting wet on the way to office and back home. I avoid getting wet when I am on the roads, as I have to return home to do household work, to cook, to clean. And if I get wet, I may fall ill. Gone are the worry less days, I assume! Now I sit in my window and hear the clouds roar and the drops touch the road.

This year, it has rained heavily in Mumbai and I guess nearly in all parts of India. So much so, that from the past couple of days, I have not seen the sunshine. It feels lazy and sleepy in such weather. Shoes have gathered moss on them and continuous cleaning of wooden work is on. Everything is so damp. Look around and everything is in shades of grey. Clouds all over you and water all around you.
I know how important the monsoon is for our country and after last years’ near drought situation, all the more important. But all things said and done, such continuity of rainfall has its own disadvantage. Travelling to and fro to office becomes an issue, traffic jams are eternal, trains stop functioning and not to forget the water logging problem in the city.

The other day only got stuck badly in traffic. The Great Mumbai Traffic. I was anxious and irritated at the way we were just standstill for an hour. I was getting late for office and someone stupid in the front did not understand this. Might be his car broke down or may be there was some accident of which I was not aware. On the brighter side, this gave me time to glance around me and admire the city beauty. How much time do really people get in a metro to just sit calmly. This was this time.
Rain makes everything appear so beautiful, the leaves, the clean roads, the sign boards and in contrast so ugly, the pot holes, the open drains.. Nevertheless, this season is like no another. Enjoy it till it lasts and be careful folks. As they say too much of everything is not good. Get wet but keep precautions too so that you enjoy and not worry about your health.
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  • Tejinder Kaur July 30, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    wow clicks..I love Rains too..
    get bored nw as in UK it alwyz raining n raining..but these days we r enjoying lovely summers…30 degree temp 🙂

  • Tejinder Kaur July 30, 2013 at 6:12 pm


  • Supriya Kabra July 31, 2013 at 11:09 am

    ya i know it can be boring when it rains all the time. but thank God Mumbai is giving me some respite these days after two weeks of torrential rains.. 🙂

  • Sunshine Diva Gaganpreet August 6, 2013 at 3:56 am

    I loved the real life pictures of mumbai roads and it reminds me of this hindi movie song "Mumbai ki barsaat ka kya hai bharosa". I have heard it can rain just any time of the year in Mumbai. In Punjab, the weather has been damn humid but the clouds just refuse to pour. I agree it clears up when it rains but when it's just humid, everything feels stale and wet, laundry won't dry.

    Your post awoke me Supriya. I used to stand still under heavy rain and get drenched. It feels SO cathartic and leaves you feeling light hearted. But I too can't afford that luxury anymore 🙂

  • Supriya Kabra August 12, 2013 at 10:50 am

    thank u so much gagan 🙂


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