Feel The Sensation: New Design For Adidas Fragrance Line For Men

When sport is the essence of who you are, the finest equipment is crucial to performance and that includes everything that helps you look and feel your best. Because of its commitment to delivering the most comprehensive sport and lifestyle experience, adidas has revamped its Sport Sensations line of fragrances. The newly refined fragrance range introduces a new design that embodies the confidence, passion and energy of today’s man. So free your mind, open your senses and be ready to experience different sensations through this revitalized range of fragrances.

Sport isn’t just about competition and victory. It is an attitude that influences everything, an approach that includes all aspects of life. Whether you are on or off the field there is always a different sensation involved. It’s about energy, confidence, passion for the game, the strength of an individual or the power of a team… Whatever the feeling it’s about the love of the game and making it real and fun! adidas Sport Sensations fragrance line has it all covered and gives you the confidence to feel cool in any situation!
Inspired by the core of the adidas brand values, the new Sport Sensations line has been revamped to showcase the unique scent formulations that help athletes feel their best when they need it most. Each of the eight scent variants has a distinctive fragrance and its very own style and each design reflects its very own sensation.
The new packaging has a bold, clean design, showcasing each variant’s distinctive sensation “symbol,” which highlights its atmosphere. Designed to give athletes what they need and convey adidas’ enthusiasm and passion for sport, the packaging reflects the brand’s deep knowledge and commitment to athletes in all aspects of life. The newly styled adidas Sport Sensations range will be appearing on retailers’ shelves starting in summer 2012.
A woody, spicy fragrance, for the man who wants to leave his mark, achieve his own impossible and follow the path of his heroes.
A clean, bracing fragrance, its bright, vibrant tones are the perfect match for a confident, dynamic man.
Layers of citrus and spice create a fragrance
designed for the man who believes in both the power of the team and the strength of the individual.
A fresh, woody fragrance, this scent delivers a boost of intensity for a team leader motivated by challenges.
A forest-inspired fragrance created for the confident man who lives his life to the fullest, on and off the pitch.
Bright and crisp, the scent explodes with freshness and is perfect for a man who lives for the thrill of intense pleasure.
The range is priced at Rs. 699 for a 100 ml EDT and Rs. 150 for a 250 ml shower gel.
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