Eeshha Herbal Kajal- Review & Swatches

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Today I am going to introduce to you all a new herbal kajal. The product under review is a jet black kajal from Eeshha Personal Care Pvt Ltd. Eeshha is a herbal brand which manufactures products inspired by luxury skin care range to meet the needs of contemporary men and women. To know more please visit their website.


Price: Rs. 135 for 3.5gm

Key Ingredient List: Castor oil, beeswax, carbon black, vitamin E, oil extract of triphala & licorice, almond oil, camphor.

Description: A special combination of precious herbs and pure Almond Oil for eye make-up. Helps to pamper the skin around the eyes & lends sparkle to the eyes. It wont smudge, smear or fade after application.

Directions for use: Apply to the edge of eyelids with gentle hand through Kajal stick.

About the Company: EESHHA A Personal Care Pvt. Ltd. offers personal care products which include a range of Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care & Sun Care Products. The product range is developed by bringing together Ancient Vedic wisdom and modern day technology. Each of our product contains combination of extracts of various herbs to meet all your beauty and personal care needs.

My Experience with Eeshha Herbal Kajal

This being a new brand for me, I was initially skeptical about the use of it. But I am happily surprised by this product now. I have been using this for roughly two weeks now and am glad that I found this. The kajal comes in a VLCC/ Shahnaz Hussain type packaging which is very sturdy and travel friendly. So, without wasting much time, I will quickly list down the positives and negatives of this kajal.

Pros of Eeshha Herbal Kajal:

  • It is jet black in color. A single swipe gives a good color, however, for the pigmentation to become more prominent, you may swipe twice.
  • The kajal does not smudge at all. True to its claim, it stays put on the water line without smudging. However, it does fade evenly but that too after 5-6 hours, so again not an issue at all.
  • The ingredient list is all herbal. Camphor gives a cooling sensation while almond and castor oil do the nourishment part.
  • The packaging is sturdy with a transparent cap.
  • The kajal is easy on the pocket too. At this price and qualities, it can give any other high end brand a run for its money.
  • Can be easily removed with a mild makeup remover.
Cons of Eeshha Herbal Kajal:
  • The complete list of ingredients is missing.
  • The packaging is sturdy but it is too old school. I mean, a little innovation on this aspect can add to the appeal of this product.
All in all, a great product to have. I am happy I made this selection and this is now every time in my purse for daily usage.
PS: This was provided to me by the company as a sample but the product has been adequately tested by me before the review and I have expressed my honest opinion.
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