Don’t Lose Yourself

Post by Anshika

We all know someone who has changed a lot. May be to fit in the surroundings or to please the people around him. Some even shed their original image just for the sake of others. Many lose themselves while being in a relationship, in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting themselves. May be we fear that others won’t accept us we aren’t good enough to fill their expectations.

We may not realize this soon, but this trade of letting go who you are, might be taking a slow toxic toll on our life. There might come a time when you look in the mirror to see a complete different person. Think about 5 years from now, do you really wish to live by someone’s assumption? Do you plan to become a projection of someone else’s thoughts?
I’m not asking you to stay away from change. Do change, it’s good. But carry yourself along with change. The only voice that matters is your own.
Don’t lose yourself in the advice of others; just lose a part which needs to be changed. A habit not good enough to carry on. A bad routine. A worthless obsession. And still carry your essence with you. If you start losing your inner self, if you forget yourself, then how can you expect the world to know the real you.
Just begin that long journey in yourself. Being who you are is more than important being who others expect you to be. You are unique in your own way. That’s how God made you and he makes no mistakes. There’s nothing more charming than being your true self. Admire life, cherish yourself, and in no time you’ll be rocking the world in your way.

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