Dear Earth African Forest Soap

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Today I am going to review a hand made organic soap from a very well known brand Unived – Dear Earth African Forest. This soap is such a refreshing experience and to if you ask me to put it frankly, this is the best soap I have used in a long time. Now, you may ask why. Read on to know what makes this soap such a hit with me.

Price: Rs. 220 for 140 gm

Shelf Life: 24 months

Ingredients: see pic below

What the company claims

Let the exotic cocoa butter and nourishing African black soil pamper you and rid your skin of dead cells and blemishes. Dear Earth African Forest soap rejuvenates your skin with moisturizers and infusion of vital nutrients.

Dear Earth African Forest rejuvenating soap is 100% natural, handmade and vegan. It is a fine blend of pure USDA organic certified ingredients and does not contain any hazardous chemicals. It is also free from animal cruelty.

My Experience with Dear Earth African Forest Soap

First let me tell you my expectations from a bath soap- moisturizing ability, cleansing and non-drying. The company describes this soap to exfoliate, remove dead cells and rejuvenate the skin. The African black soil extracts work on absorbing excess surface skin oils, keep the skin clear, counter blemishes and moisturize deeply. The soap also claims to be rich in Vitamin A, E and iron– all essentials for healthy skin and blood circulation.

First thing that I noticed was a warm cocoa fragrance of the soap. The color of the soap is grey and it has some very fine particles in it. Now here comes the property that I love the most about this soap. These particles are perfect for mild daily exfoliation. I love the feel of it on my skin, not too harsh. Even in these winters, they don’t scratch the skin, just remove dead skin cells. And the amazing thing is that post usage of this soap the skin does not feel dry.

This soap has other few wow properties too:

  • Organic Ingredients
  • No Animal Testing
  • Paraben Free
I have divided the soap in two halves for two reasons- for ease of usage and to use it in summers. I have become a fan of this soap and am keen to try the other variants of this range. Price may be a deterrent for some as one may feel that spending 200+ bucks on a bath soap is not worth it. But believe me friends, once you use this soap, you would not regret your decision.

So go ahead and try it for sure!

PS: This was provided to me by the company as a sample but the product has been adequately tested by me before the review and I have expressed my honest opinion.

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