Biobloom Hair Strengthening Hair Cleanser- Review

Hello folks,
How have you all been? Today I am going to review a hair cleanser from Biobloom. 

All of you by now, must have heard about this brand. If not, here is a brief:
BioBloom started with the realization that Nature is the epitome of eternal beauty & is an endeavor to bring to you some natural ways to bring out the best in your skin, naturally! We bring to you Natural & Organic Tips & Products for enhancing the Beauty & health of your skin & hair. Our online tips include simple & easy to use information including some homemade recipes suitable for all ages and skin types.
It is often said that “Beauty is only Skin Deep” but we like to believe that “Skin is where beauty begins!”
Inception: On hind sight, we realize that the Idea of a natural life was incepted in our minds when we were first exposed to some natural tips & age old theories in our own lives especially the way they were told to us.
Conception: Biobloom was conceptualized, when we had first hand experience of the nuances of modern medicine & the havoc chemicals can have on our bodies. It was based on the need to know more about nature & its practices, followed by the compulsion to share it with the world.
Price & Quanity: Rs. 699 for 200ml
My Experience with Biobloom Hair Strengthening Hair Cleanser: By now, most of you must be knowing that I use only SLS/ Paraben free shampoos. There was a time when only a couple of brands had such shampoos available in India but now over time, as the markets have evolved and the demand has increased, there are multiple brands that offer this. So, while changing from my previous Soulflower Shampoo Bar (read review here and here), I decided to try this new shampoo from Biobloom. 
They have two variants- Hair Strengthening and Dandruff  Control. I decided to try the hair strengthening one. It has basil, ginger and hibiscus as it’s main ingredient. The shampoo is earthy brown in color and a little opaque on hands. With a strong fragrance of ginger when you use it on your hair, it lathers very well. Hence, a very small quantity is needed. The best thing about the shampoo is that it cleanses in one wash and you will generally not require a second wash even if your hair are oiled. But I have this habit of washing twice so I use a even lesser quantity the second time.
The Likes:
  1. Free of parabens, formaldehydes, petrochemicals and sulphates (wow!!)
  2. Complete list of ingredients
  3. So many nourishing oils and ingredients
  4. I like the fragrance, ginger, but it does not stay long after the wash
  5. Less quantity is needed for a wash
  6. Cleanses beautifully even if you have oiled hair
  7. Pump packaging
  8. Transparent bottle
  9. Made in India
  10. Does not dry out hair
  11. I did not experience any hair fall
The Dislikes:
  1. Pricey, but it makes up by the fact that it lasts so long because of less usage
My Final Take: I love this shampoo and is totally recommended by me (only if you can ignore the price or can do the cost-value analysis). Totally worth it!
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