A day when everything went wrong

The title reminds me of a famous short essay that my teacher in junior grades used to give to write and describe a whole day when everything went wrong with me. I definitely am very much above the agae, that I attempt to write anything of that sort but my day out today will definitely serve as a reference to my next generation.
After marriage, I seem to have understood the real meaning of Monday Blues. Getting up on a monday to get ready for office is not a good idea at all, Sirji. Nonetheless I have to do it as no angel will come to save me the pain. So, today finally after setting the alarm at 5 min snooze for over half an hour, I got up, got dressed, had my breakfast and was prepared to leave for office. My husband usually drops me to the local station from where I board the train to my destination. The blues became darker when I found the bike’s tyre was punctured and I had to go alone now.
Ok then, started waiting for the auto… waited… waited… waited… the wait din’t seem to get over even after 20 minutes and I then decided to hunt for a bus simultaneously. Then it dawned on me that a certain auto strike was proposed last evening for the whole day today. Knowing very well that the buses will be heavily crowded and will take a lot of time, I had no other option and I decided to go by bus. Now these buses also somehow smell the anxiety and distress of passengers and won’t never come in time in such moments of need. Again had to wait for over 20 minutes and I could already see the angry face of my boss.Finally when the bus arrived, it was crowded as expected and I somehow managed to squeeze in and found i corner to stand. I am already missing the autos.
The roller coaster began and the bus bumped forward triumphantly to the station in another 20 minutes. Boarded the local (best part of Mumbai) and got down at my destination. Then another truth dawned on me that how will I now go to my office without an autowala to ply me. Alas!, such a sad state. I had no other option but to walk the entire distance in the scorching sun. When I reached office, I was late by a good 45 minutes. God bless me stay put for the rest of the day today.
So from the bottom of my heart, I make an earnest request to our beloved autowalas ton ot go on strike in the general interest of the common man. Without you day out Sir, we helpless creatures have to suffer a lot and specially in this Mumbai Summer. Do understand and keep us blessed!…
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